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about Us

We struggled with infertility for more than eight years...

Who are we?

Hardesty House is a new family business owned by Chadwick and Hilary Hardesty. We struggled with infertility for more than eight years after we got married. Our doctors told us we would need to do In vitro fertilisation (IVF) if we were going to conceive. We started doing various fundraisers, including selling hand-made leather earrings and wood-burned Christmas ornaments at craft shows. Along our journey, we realized how passionate we truly are about making unique and customized items from natural materials, so we decided to transform our fundraising into a business we believe in.

People and relationships matter to us. While our first IVF was a beautiful success, our second IVF sadly was not. Infertility is an uncertain and intense reality for so many people. We have seen how foster kids also struggle with uncertainty and intense emotions of their own. This has led us to be licensed foster parents for more than three years, and we enjoy making a meaningful difference in the lives of foster families and other foster parents through placement, respite, and events. Our story is only beginning. Each week, we also set aside time for other communities who matter a great deal to us, which commonly includes individuals with developmental disabilities and our country's veterans, both retired and on active duty.

We care about you and your community too. Our goal is to enhance the lives of people everywhere with creative, meaningful, & memorable laser-cut and engraved gifts and other necessities.

What's in store for 2024?

Like any business start-up, we are excited about the upcoming year. We upgraded the equipment we've been using and partnered with new suppliers. We are actively working hard to provide improved user experiences with the Hardesty House website and expand our catalog with new customizable items for every holiday, event, and occasion. There's much more to come...

Meet "Babe"!

Inspired by tales of Paul Bunyan, we would like to introduce "Babe," our state-of-the-art 130w industrial CO2 laser. With a bed size large enough to pass through a full sheet of plywood, we're excited about all the big and small custom projects on the horizon.

With "Babe" at the heart of our workshop, we can transform raw materials into personalized masterpieces that enrich your life in remarkable ways. Need eye-catching signs to elevate your business's presence? Look no further. Seeking a charming cutting board to add flair to your kitchen? We've got you covered. From bespoke home decor to personalized gifts, we are skilled in crafting items that resonate with your style and personality. So, let your imagination run wild, and together, let's make your visions tangible with the help of "Babe"!

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